Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Honeymoon- New Zealand- South Island

For our Honeymoon we traveled the South Island of New Zealand, I think this is where my post wedding interior design passion was ignited. We stayed at Mantells Wanaka NZ It is a lodge owned by Colin & Judy Mantell (A lovely couple from Auckland). There are two lodges we stayed in lodge 1:

And here we are:
Hubby hiding in the Kitchen trying to work out the coffee machine!

Here is me reading "Eat Pray Love" (nothing like reading a book about divorce your first week as a wife...)


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and my bloggy birthday wishes.
    You have a lovely blog here.
    I was recently in Queenstown, what a gorgeous place and what a great place you stayed.
    Nice to meet you x

  2. Can't wait to follow your many things I love!!

  3. Thanks so much Mydesignchic, I appreciate your comments.

    Sarah, Did you get up to Wanaka or Arrowtown? Arrowtown has allot great Cafe's and interiors stores.


  4. Hey no problems being your 1st follower....I have sent you a blog shout out here.
    Someone once did it for me and one day you will have to pay it forward to...keeping the blog love going.
    Have a great sunday.

  5. We did pass through Arrowtown but unfortunately get to stop. A place I will go back to spend time. As we were going through I could these gorgeous interior shops calling my name :( But as I was on a work trip, I couldn't go in.

  6. Hi, i'm stopping by from Elements at Home. Love these pics and lovely blog too:-)

  7. Hi Stacey, Thanks for following my little blog. The lodge was beautiful, well worth a look if you are planning a New Zealand trip :) Samie


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