Friday, February 25, 2011

The Chevron love affair...over for me

I love Chevron.... but unfortunately I have seen a little too much of it over the past year, the images are sending me a little batty.

Mine is probably a rather unpopular opinion....sooo I ask do you Chevron? Yes? or No?.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

New artwork - Driftwood Interiors

Kerri Shipp of Drifwood interiors has begun a brand new series of interiors portraits, available as original watercolour artwork or fine art prints.

Before it hit the shop I had asked if the original was available for purchase, I instantly fell in love with "Anna's Atelier" The first piece of the series. The artwork is based on a beautiful room designed by Anna Spiro, who is famous for her use of bold colour. The 'Interior Portraits' series features gorgeous interiors based on rooms designed by today's most talented interior designers, and other's born solely from imagination.

The above is Inspired by this gorgeous room (below) from Anna Spiro of black & spiro

The painting arrived beautifully wrapped and perfectly timed on our wedding anniversary day.
It went straight up on the feature wall & love it to bits! 
I would love to purchase a few more as I am considering a 3 x 2 arrangement of the large frames.

Here are a few other pictures from the series that I am dreaming of (Pictured linked to Etsy listing)

Such beautiful work! Stay up to date with the new paintings through Kerri's blog:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch earthquake

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Christchurch and all the family's who have been affected by the deadly earthquake that hit the beautiful New Zealand city on 22.2.11. 

It was today exactly one year ago that the Mr & I started our New Zealand honeymoon holiday in Christchurch, we have so many fond memories of the city & hope to return as soon as we can. 

You can see the dome in the picture above? That is the Regent theatre where we watched a movie. 

Below: Before and after

 The beautiful bell tower of the Christchurch cathedral

Below: Before and after

Thoughts and prayers that everyone is found safe and well & Christchurch can rebuild from this disaster.

To London, To London.....

Mum suggested Firmdale- Haymarket hotel for our trip to London later in the year...... Ahhhhh Yes please! Each room is individually designed by the hotel owner and developer extraordinaire Kit Kemp (I do believe I have a new idol to worship). Via the Luxury travel bible

The Profile: The self-taught Kit Kemp is the co-founder of Firmdale hotels with her husband Tim. Together they have produced a string of boutique hotels known for their style and originality. She was awarded the Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year for 2008.
The Style: "Hotels should be living things, not stuffy institutions", say the Kemps. Kit Kemp's style can be described as having an 'English eccentric look'. Drawing upon the world around her for inspiration, Kit doesn't work to a particular formula when designing her slightly quirky interiors. Each of her boutique hotel interiors can be recognized as an individual work of art. However, there is a link between each of Kemp's hotels. Look out for bold prints, eye catching colours and fabulous attention to detail - the small portrait on the wall or a painted pattern on a bedside cabinet.

After seeing the sights of London (and visiting my friends Bridget & Al) mum & I will be heading to Paris!. This will be my first time to Europe so I am super excited, not so excited about the 24 hour flight though!!!

Any good recommendation of things to do in London OR hotels to stay in Paris? The agenda for the trip will be museums, shopping and eating all mixed together with lots of sightseeing!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The woman who can't sit still....

True came home on Friday evening to find me half way through changing our lounge room around, don't you just love a woman who can't sit still... and a man who tries not complain & joins in the crazy-ness. 

So happy with the result as you get to check out the great nail head trim on the black velvet chairs! Next on the list of things to do is purchase a long enough TV cord in white LOL.  

Anniversary day wrap up:
I made a delicious Tapas for dinner of oysters Kirkpatrick, Creamy garlic prawns, Chorizo and grilled haloumi and Tzatziki  followed by the cutting of the wedding cake! We were sufficiently full after that small mountain of food. 

Thankyou soooooooo much for all of your well wishes yesterday!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

One year Wedding anniversary!!

Today marks our one year Wedding anniversary.

Yesterday the Mr surprised me with a beautiful lunch. The only information I had was be ready by 11am.

We hoped in the car and headed half hour to pick up a coffee? (not the surprise location?).
 We then started heading North from Sydney on the F3 freeway.

 Then I spy.......Vineyards! We were back in the Hunter Valley!.

Yep- we were there to have lunch at the very place we got married a year ago. 

The food was delicious- It was so good to go back and be able to enjoy every single bite! 
I think we might have just started a anniversary tradition.

After mains we took a walk so we could fit in desert....I proceeded to run down the isle :-)
 And then we took a few pictures to remember this momentous occasion. 
Photos care of the brilliant self time function on the camera (the third wheel of couples around the world).

Desert tasting plate!

Tonight I will probably cook something nice at home & then we will tuck into the wedding cake. 
We kept the top layer & froze it- The icing silhouette is sitting on top also. 

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend & have a great 21.2.11!!!


Friday, February 18, 2011

February giveaway.....The winner!

Super excited that it is time to announce the February giveaway. Clicking "Calculate" on gives me such a rush - I really want to give you all a little gift (I hope to run these every month so stay tuned!).

Without any further suspense this little bowl is sitting on my desk wrapped and ready to be sent to the fabulous winner!

da, da, na, dun.....

Natalie from Natalie merrillyn (Please email me). 


Thursday, February 17, 2011

A spot of shopping.....EziBuy?

If you are anything like me then when you think of "EziBuy" it brings back memories of that mail order catalog where your aunt might have purchased some sensible slacks.

However......I hazard to guess that you might not have seen the range of affordable homewares they are currently stocking. I received my catalog in the mail (my cool-ness factor is slipping... how did they manage to get my address?) I couldn't wait to show you these on trend fab finds:


Horses are so hot right now!

A Selection of beautiful lamps all under $100AU

Something to put that lamp on if you wish...
$159 Here

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