Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Glass Display

Truth be told I am quite a sentimental fool, I have a display on our dining room buffet of vintage cut crystal bottles purchased from op shops mixed with new bottles, the bottles carry memories from little bits of our life. I will fill you in with a little information about each piece:

Above Left: My mum collected these shells and sand for me when we went on a family vacation to Melbourne, the sand is form St Kilda Beach.

Above Right: My sister gave this decanter to me for my 26th Birthday She filled it with sand from mum & Dad's sand pit where we used to spend allot of time together.

Above Left: I collected this moss from my husband's parents farm, it was growing in the bush. I am not good with plants but I have managed to keep this moss alive in the terrarium for about 2 years.

Above Right: My Husband and I collected this dirt (Yes dirt) from the spot where he proposed, luckily he suggested it about 1/2 hour before he proposed. The dirt is from the top of Mount Kosciusko the tallest mountain in Australia, where he popped the question just after Midnight New Years 08/09. 

Do you think I should label where they are from?


  1. I love you display and love it even more knowing the story behind each container of 'dirt', especially the sandpit one :) You could make some cute little tags and tie them around the jars with twine perhaps.

    I'm a fairly new follower of your blog. I've tagged you in a little game to get to know a bit more about you if you're interested - no presure to join in though :)

  2. Thanks for that Amanda, I might make some tags out of brown paper and twine like you suggested, after I am done making all of these Christmas tags:).

    Thanks for following me and mentioning me on your blog with the "get to know you game" :) looking forward to it.



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