Monday, November 15, 2010

Silk Ikat Pillows

A Package arrived for me 2 weeks ago and I knew exactly what it was, this little beauty had come all the way from Uzbekistan, it was wrapped beautifully in brown paper and twine and sealed with a wax seal. 

In the package were 2 x Ikat pillow cases $25.28 + $8 postage, I purchased these on eBay. They took about 4 weeks to arrive but the wait was well worth it (I think they accidentally shipped them to Austria first) 2 x Silk Ikat pillow cases here

Here they sit on the Black Velvet Chair in our lounge room

They have a great range of Silk Pillow cases, all standard sizes and reasonably priced, have a look at the range of silk pillow cases they stock here AntiquarianTextiles. The quality is good, it does feel more like raw silk that has not been highly processed.

Here are a few of the other designs that I am loving (from the same store):

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