Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grand Designs Australia & A little bit more about me

So...I am a Builder.

I know you probably would not have guessed that job title if you have been following my blog. I graduated with 1st class honours from a Bachelors Degree in Construction Management in 2005. Day to day and Generally speaking my job requires me to manage subcontractors, contracts, payments, variations, buildability, design & programme. (If anyone has any questions regarding building please feel free to email me, I am happy to give advice to all of my blog followers as I do my friends and family).

So onto the title of this post " Grand designs Australia" well lets just say I know a tidbit about a home that was featured on Grand designs, the title of the show was "The small house". Did anyone watch this episode? take  a look here for more info lifestyle channel episode 2- Small house


  1. Love getting to know my bloggy friends a little better. Builder, well maybe our next home will be a Sammy Swain design;)
    That grand design build looks fantastic. I will have to take a little more time to watch it properly but thanks for highlighting.

  2. Most people would not guess the career choice..female & blonde lol.

    The Grand designs house worked out great, not sure if I am in love with their furniture choices though?

    XX samie

  3. Hmmm a builder - never would have guessed. I love the stairs in the grand design home. Just been catching up on your recent posts. Adore the wall art and your Christmas tree looks great - love the doilie lights. Off to view the grand design episode.
    Rebecca x


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