Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Powder Room Renovation

I decided to get my but into gear and give our powder room some TLC, this room receives the least amount of love in our house and probably the 2nd room most guests get to see.

When we first moved into our apartment I applied mirrored tiles above the sink in the powder room, after 6 years I decided to take the mirrored tiles off the wall. The sticker marks that were left on the wall were a pain, after an hour of standing and patching I was ready to start (lucky I bought hubby a electric sander for his birthday).
This picture is 1/2 way through sanding/ patching, Builders beige walls & Door. 

Tape and paint, paint, paint and then....Whola After about 4 hours work a white powder room and Dark blue feature wall.

I purchased the mirror for $79 from a "Dollar Store" in Crows Nest, it is made of cane strips moulded together, the mirror finish is white washed I think adds a somewhat nautical feel to our inner city apartment (Like looking through a port hole on a boat?). I painted a deep blue feature wall adjacent to the doorway so you get a little surprise as you walk in, I absolutely love this colour. 
The room was finished off with a black and white framed photo of a Yellow Cab and a Tin bus sign from the Northern beaches of Sydney that I purchased at a home store in Balmain. The ticketed price for the sign was $29 but I asked if it was on sale, Salesperson's reply "No it is not on sale, but I can give it to you for $25" (Never hurts to ask).

I am loving this room at the moment, sorry the pics are not great quality, I will update with more pics when I take some of the Laundry side & with the paint colour if anyone is interested?.

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  1. Looks fab lovely..the mirror is a fantastic buy..well done x


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