Friday, November 19, 2010

The Block- Week 7

Kitchen/ Dining rooms were revealed this week. A agree with the judges voting Erin & Jake as the winners this week, I suspect that they are going to be the overall winners of the show:

My Number 1- Erin & Jake:
This room speaks for itself, Amazing grey colour, Chandelier, glossy black framed mirror, striped chairs, mirrored cabinetry. Check, Check Check, what is not to love about this room (Besides cleaning the mirrored cabinetry above the range hood every time you cook something).

My Number 2- Brenton & Chez:
Love the use of lighting it gives the space an industrial feel with the dining table that they have used. However the chairs look very cheap ($99 from Freedom).

My Number 3: Mark & Duncan
I Love that they have gone with a different layout to the room with the kitchen on the far wall . The dark furniture looks wrong in the space, the chairs are overpowering the space, they are one of the more expensive chairs and retail for  $249 from Freedom

My Number 4- John & Neisha:
I love, love, love John & Neisha as contestants, but as designers I am not inspired by their attention to detail. Tab top curtains again and the cabinetry, why not run the cabinetry to the ceiling or create a bulkhead, also I think if they had created a nook in the cabinetry would have broken up the wall.
I am by no means qualified to comment from an Interior design perspective, this is just my view. 

What Do you think? Did you watch?


  1. Im so glad you posted about this..because I always end up missing out on watching the its nice to to know I can just click onto your blog to fill me in ;)

    Your observations are spot on lovely...Erin and Jake seem to have a consistency with each room they design...and she isnt afraid to take a leap into using dark moody tones. They may be the least liked..but are certainly the most wise. :)

  2. As usual my dear I completely agree with you on all rooms! I do like Jake and Erins the best but I'm actually not into their chandelier in this space and the mirror cabinetry looks fab but urgh the maintenance!

    Brenton and Chez I always find a bit interesting as she's studied interior design!! It always just misses that edge though and just doesn't look quite right.

    Didn't Mark and Duncan do a great job and I love their humble honesty.

    I agree that Jake and Erin will win too.... soon we will know xx

  3. I agree with all the points you've listed here, especially about the last kitchen needing the cabinets to go right to the ceiling. Jake and Erin's is my fave too - has that 'complete' look.

  4. I haven't seen this show but I agree with you on all counts. Will have to add this to my DVR!

  5. love that first kitchen!

  6. Thanks for all of the comments, I am thinking that the Grey that Erin & Jake used is a fabulous colour grey, no pink or blue undertones. Trying to think of where I can put this in our house? XX Samie


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