Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DIY Cake Stands

I love Antiquing! I think it is a habit that I picked up from my mother, as a child she would drag us around to antique stores (My siblings and I would kick and scream and complain) but now I love it!. When I started decorating my own house I have a profound appreciation of history of each piece, thinking up little stories in my head of who might have owned and treasured this item before me.

During my lunch break a few weeks ago I decided to have a little fun! In an antique store. I had a set agenda for this lunch time visit, find some beautiful plates to make a cake stand. I found some amazing plates I also found some beautiful candlestick holders. All up I spent between $8-$10 per plate and $5 each candlestick holder.

There are a number of tutorials out there that suggest using Epoxy Blue, if you want a step by step please head over to over milk wood to see an excellent tutorial. I however fancy keeping the plates separate for storage purposes, so as an alternative I used Blu Tack simply place the Blu Tak on either end of the candlestick and place the in the centre of each plate . 

I also shopped our home for this single tier cake stand (I already had this white candlestick Holder)

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