Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Marcus Design Inc {Before and After}

Nothing makes me happier than finding a fabulous new blog with Before and Afters galore! My days have been very busy lately {always the way leading up to the holidays, why?} so it helps when I get a second to check out an amazing transformation, These pics are too good not too share!

{The Dining Room}

{The Bedroom}

 {The Lounge}

 You know I am loving those chairs, the cream sister to my Black Velvet ones!

{The Kitchen}

Via: Marcusdesigninc

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pink cockatoo on a plate {Weekend Thrifting}

How fun is this Pink Cockatoo plate I found at a local thrift store, I think it looks pretty neat hanging in the entryway to our apartment (Takes a little focus of the intercom system).

 It seams very Black & Spiro inspired

The Thrifted haul!

You find some amazing things when you are not looking for anything in particular.

Did you manage to do any thrifting over the weekend?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Grey + Pink + Cream {Home Tour}

I have not shared a Home tour for a while, seeing as I have not been able to get these stunning images out of my head I thought I would make sure these images are firmly planted in yours also. Via:Made by Girl.

Da business centre (cupboards along the wall look great and functional)
A little confused Is this room a bar, kitchen or lounge? Love the black walls anyways!
The painting in the dining room is dreamy! Grey pink and cream!

"Hello you" more paintings in the master bedroom similar to the dining room.

Kitchen pendants "Yes"!

Okay maybe I am a little confused with the arrangement of four chairs in this room.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Goldilocks's and the Bench...

I have been looking for a bench to sit under the large beach picture I just installed in our living room {Pic below}. Check out Mr Bench Via Concrete and honey, this beauty captures exactly what I had in mind! Not too high, not too long and not too wide {as Goldilocks's says it is just right!}

Ho hum the search continues unless someone has any Ideas where I might find one?

A picture of the area in mind:


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Est. Sydney & Mr Pacino

Establishment Hotel
Level 1, 252 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

My little sister is celebrating her Birthday in Style this year, holidaying in Thailand {Lucky duck} before she left we had a little Birthday dinner at Est.

We selected off the “Chefs Menu” there are so many ingredients in the dishes it is hard to remember what was ordered once the food comes out!  

All of the dishes was delicious I ate the following:

gazpacho consomme, scampi, black olive pearls, cucumber, fresh goats curd, red pepper
grilled white scallops, mojama, green peas, sorrel, quinoa – lemon vinaigrette
juniper crusted saddle of venison, beetroot, semolina potato gnocchi, warm black olive vinaigrette
Passionfruit souffle, mango sorbet


When we arrived there was quite a large table set next to ours which was nearest to the main window, a large group of guests then entered the restaurant everyone in the group was fussing over a certain gentleman, once they were seated and we got a good view….It was Al Pacino! The godfather himself! Eating at the table Next to us in Est. Sydney!.  

Hello Mr Pacino!

It seams Mr Pacino was in town with his one-man show, An Evening with Al Pacino, held at The Lyric Theatre, The Star (Sydney) 17 and 18 November. The SMH  notes “He has somehow remained under the radar since arriving in Sydney earlier this week, yet judging by his relaxed demeanor Thursday night, Al Pacino is enjoying a fuss-free, first-time-ever visit to Australian shores”

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