Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eames chair and a cowhide rug

Very inspired by the pairing of an Eames chair with a cowhide rug - beautiful!.

mattersofstyleblog (zebra rug)
decorpad (Eames chair)

I have been looking for new dining chairs and stumbled across allot of these Eames (replica) chairs. For plastic chairs they are surprisingly comfortable - however I am not sure how they would go with our dark wood table?. I found these ones were the best priced on dealsdirect (the same as overstock in the US) 2 chairs for a cost of $119 (my calculator thinks that is not too bad).

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Office Inspiration- Blonde ambition

I can't imagine ever having the guts to go ahead with a pink and purple office, or being able to live with the ramifications from my husband if I did. This is the perfect example of a skirted desk done well! hummm I think I need a black Louis ghost chair now - Love it!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas wrapped up & some thoughtful presents

I feel so blessed, not only did we get to spend Christmas with our amazing family's, I received so many beautiful presents. I hope you enjoyed yourself & shared some precious time with those you love.

The gifts were soooo thoughtful i just had to white a post about them!....

My husband gave me the book" I married adventure" it is reminiscent of his love for adventure and of course I am in love with the Zebra print cover, the book is from 1940. It is displayed with two old corbels and a photograph of my nan taken on Palm beach (original photograph a Christmas gift from my mum).

My mum went all out this year with wonderfully personalised presents (photograph bottom: from left to right):
1. A cream coloured hand knitted pillow (knitted by mum, beautiful)
2. A box jam packed of milk glass. Love!
3. My nans hand painted bone china tea set, the intricacy on the pieces is amazing. Not too sure how I will display it, any ideas?
4. A beautiful pair of framed photographs of my nan and grandparents.

check out the detail on the tea cup and saucer!

My mother in law quilted these black and white butterflies and framed it. I already have it displayed in the lounge room.

And here is our tree, all the gifts wrapped (hubby ended up helping)

 A snippet of the winter wonderland at my mum's house, she went all out this year with the decorations.

Not long now until 2011.
Looks like we will be spending new years with our friends enjoying a dinner or two in Sydney,
what do you have planned?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Camping cot as a coffee table?

What do you think about using a camping "cot" as a coffee table? I think yes - based on these images from Martha Stewart. Beautiful!

How to
Cot coffee table- search eBay in your local area for "cot" or "Stretcher". Update with a lick of oil-based paint on the metal, timber and fabric parts of the cot. 
Both of the cot coffee table examples have been paired with trays, the trays are actually baking trays that have been painted or covered in material and Plexiglas, amazing!  what a great idea to keep everything looking neat and organised.
Here is a list of Martha's sources:
Standard Army cot, about $25,
Bowery Kitchen Supplies trays, $12 each,
Fine Paints of Europe semigloss paint, $40 per liter, in E8-37 (cot) and E8-43 (trays), for stores. Jasper Van Der Hurd 6-by-9-foot Alhambra carpet, $2,700,

Can you imagine the possibilities with something like this:


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Ebay Find- Bedside tables

Ahh the possibilities!

I thought these bedside tables had some good bones and the hardware is exactly my style, they are already in the garage. I am going to try all white with the original gold hardware.

Once these are finished the new master bedroom will be ready for reveal. I don't know why but I have found the master bedroom very hard to complete.


Monday, December 20, 2010

The sales have started !!!

The post Christmas sales have already started - one week before Christmas, I visited my local Freedom furniture last Thursday and I was obligingly greeted with a glass of champagne and canapes.. the reason? the Christmas sales started!!!!!!!. I have already Visited Freedom furniture, Coco Republic, Interiors online and Dare Gallery.

Here is a little selection of a few items I found at Dare Gallery all under $269.... I think that the pricing gun might have been stuck on $269.

I bought this mirror for $130 such good value.

Have you been shopping the sales yet?.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

You are invited to a party at Black Velvet Chair

Welcome to the Black Velvet chair re-launch party thanks for stopping by!!! Can I get you a Gin and Tonic or a pinot noir, maybe a canape?

As you can see over the last week I have been doing a little re-decorating at Black Velvet chair. When I first created this blog I didn't think too much about the design....and then when you all started popping over for a visit I started feeling a little embarrassed as all of your blogs are so beautiful and well put together.

So over the last week I have been working closely with Torri of Digital Confections to design this brilliant new blog. The whole process was so easy, I filled out the order form on the website and a few emails and reviews later it was ready for install! She is such a creative mind and worked with all of my crazy ideas- as you can see we even got to do a silhouette in the header of my very own "Black Velvet Chair"- fitting I think, as it was the black velvet chair that ignited my passion for everything interiors. Thankyou so much for all your hard work Torri! (she also has a Blog here).

Also thankyou to everyone who keeps stopping by and commenting - it means allot to me. I hope that you and your family's have a safe and merry Christmas and holiday season.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ottomans & cushions & coffee - "Oh my"

As a die hard coffee lover, I was in awe when I found these beautiful and Oh-so original handmade Coffee sack ottomans and cushions by VelvetBean on Etsy (cool name- but no connection).

I wonder if they would still have the coffee smell?

At my favorite coffee place everybody knows my name and my coffee of choice. 
Do you have a favorite coffee place?  I would love to try it!

My Number 1 is Campos Coffee in Newtown - for an Affogato (Ice cream with a shot of coffee) 
Sadly I don't live in the area so only have it as a special treat every now and again.
 Affogato- Campos coffee - Newtown Via: simonfoodfavourites
 This is the regular morning line up of die hard coffee fans

The store

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A spot to Relax...Wingback chairs

Wingback chairs look so relaxing and beautiful to me, like a little bit of luxury - they remind me of a first class plane seats where you have your own little cocoon to rest.

This post if full of a little bit of wingback fun and colour, a before and after and some octopus dictionary paper inspiration. 

These chairs are not my style- 
where would you use something like this? maybe a trendy nightclub?

 A very good example of a before and after wingback chair transformation Here at Bryn Alexandra

After the amazing transformation:
Black fabric with silver hardware! it is exactly what I would have chosen - beautiful!

On another note I was so inspired by this picture that I posted about Here

That I purchased this octopus print on Etsy.
Yes - I know.....I have been a little bit crazily obsessed with the old dictionary paper.
from This Etsy Seller
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