Monday, March 28, 2011

Where I like to curl up and read

This is the spot where I Like to curl up and read magazines....Humm strike that I don't curl - In the wise words of comedian Ellen Degeneres "I prefer to lay when reading as curling is a relatively uncomfortable position to read". This little reading spot is the best as the light streams through, I think that abundant cushions and a side table are necessity's for a great reading spot. Where is your favorite reading spot?

I did love this reading spot from our honeymoon to the South Island of New Zealand it was as big as a king size bed and full of fluffy pillows and windows on all three sides.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend haul + amethyst crystal cluster obsession

The weekend at the Rozelle markets was very successful indeed - take a look at all the amazing (and relatively cheep) bits and pieces I picked up:

From left to right:
  • Cut glass candle stick holders $5 
  • Set of 4 colour coordinating books $20
  • Australian wide veranda house sketch in black and white with painted timber frame $15
  • Amethyst crystal cluster $20
  • Lucite number "1" $2
  • Silver serving tray $10
  • Brass candlestick $5
  • White candlestick holder $3

My friend was deeply concerned about the amethyst crystal cluster purchase, she compared my excitement to Spencer Pratts crazy eyed crystal obsession - rest assured I will not end up looking like this (not many people can pull off tye dye and look rational.. Spencer included):

The crystal ended up looking more like this
No crazy eyes in sight - just a polished silver bar tray and allot of sparkle sparkle.

I was inspired by this image Via Table tonic

Aside from dinner with beautiful friends, a successful market haul & visiting the in-laws I found time to re-style the dining room table, buffet and television cabinet (photos soon).

Friday, March 25, 2011

Self present Friday

The self present trend is catching on - get amongst it!

This self present was waiting for me today - precariously hanging out of our mailbox & just in time for the weekends festivities, we have a few dinner dates and tomorrow I will be thrifting the Rozelle markets with my beautiful friend Karina.

The four leaf clover necklace is from on NY Light Metals on Etsy. I found this necklace via the blog of beautiful Natasha from Shue love, Natasha has also announced a giveaway where you can win a $40 store credit (you can still enter here). Good luck & have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Design board two ways - Opinions please!

This week I had a beautiful morning catching up with a friend and her dear little one - aside from raising a gorgeous family she also works and has been finding time between everything to remodel the master bedroom of her home (& a nursery too). They have ordered the bed & would like to use tall boys beside the bed.

For a little bit of fun I put together these design boards - I cant decide between the mirror or frames option? what do you think?

All sources are from Freedom furniture - Australia

Option 1
Mirror above the bed

Option 2
Silver frames above bed


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trunk + Thrifting + Guest post = Busy

First things first....The 9 month saga with the trunk has finally ended, after hours and hours hanging out in our garage with an Ipod, paint stripper and a sander trying to strip back the mission brown paint to the metal cladding, I felt defeated and purchased some ivory spray paint.

I am in love with the result - what do you think? I have placed it in our spare bedroom and filled it to the brim with all those spare decorating pieces I don't want out at the moment. So much storage in a old steamer trunk - recommended if you are sparse on space like us.

It started out looking something like this (not the exact trunk) naughty DIY 101 - Take photos before.

Speaking of decorating pieces - I went thrifting with mum and picked up a few small frames ($1 and $2) I love the soldier he seams very regal?. Thinking of painting the small bamboo one a bright colour - maybe yellow or green? or keep it natural?.

Today I am visiting my beautiful neighbour - The talented blogger Simone from Honey and fizz her house is amazing you should pop over and take a look. If you want to find out more about me check out the interview post Here.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Potted wedding favor inspiration- Feeling frugal?

Potted wedding favours are wonderful as a gift for guests and can also double as a beautiful table centrepiece.

For our wedding favours I wanted to give a thoughtful keepsake to our guests so I asked my Nan if she would cultivate some succulents from her garden so we could pot them and give one to each guest (easier if you only have 55 guess like we did).

Potting plants is a relatively cost effective option, I purchased the glass fish bowls $2.50 each from a dollar store, add soil and pebbles (Nan cultivated and potted the plants as a wedding gift). The whole cost of the favour was under $150.

Feeling frugal: If you have a talented friend or family member ask them to make something in lieu of giving you a gift.


Potted herbs with guests name

Nan is the lady to the right.

And if you were wondering this is my mum
(we are lucky Nan has passed onto both of us the creative gene).


Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday flowers & the living room

Friday again & it is flower time!

During the week I picked up a few bunches of roses for $4 each - cheap flowers are the only advantage of working in one of the worst suburbs in Sydney.

I arranged them in a milk glass vase placed on a beautiful brass tray that I found in an antique store.

The chevron love affair is not technically dead at our house yet....these pillows make me happy (the Ikea couch needs to move on - hopefully soon). 

The cowhide is old/new, I picked it up from my mums house. 

Another bunch of flowers were placed on my bedside table- made the bedroom smell beautiful! 

Please have a beautiful weekend - whatever you might be doing!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

I heart lucite nesting tables @ Ikea

On our last trip to Ikea (Homebush) mum spotted these Lucite nesting tables in the $70 price range (?) got to love that!. Do you think I can find them on the Ikea website? No - but I assure you they were definitely there, has anybody else seen the allusive Lucite tables at Ikea?.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The great Australian dream

One day we will have a backyard of our own - for now I am happy with city living and an annual trip with beautiful girlfriends to our farm in the Hunter Valley. I love this place - If I could I would live here and feed the mooo cows every day (they come right up to the veranda). 

And remembering back on the 09 shenanigans- we stumbled upon a degustation surprizes we participated in the food and matching wines option.
LOL Did I mention the outside bath? Definitely putting that on the "Dream house" list.
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