Monday, November 29, 2010

DIY- Paper Doily Christmas tree lights

Over the weekend I picked up a pack of paper doilies as I was planning on using them as gift wrapping tags, however when we put the tree up and dressed it I felt like it needed something more, so I  decided to fold the paper doily's and add them to the fairly lights sporadically.

In love with the result, I think it looks beautiful! Vintage/ Modern inspired Christmas. 

Step 1: Fold the paper doily's in 1/2 then 1/2 again etc.
Step 2: Cut a small 3mm hole in the centre whilst the doily's are still folded in your hand.
Step 3: Unfold doily and place light through doily hole, far back on the base of the fairly light.
Step 4: Sticky tape around the base of the doily & fan out the paper doily so that none of the light is touching the paper. Note: Please Be sure to make sure none of the paper is touching the light and it could get hot.    


  1. They look cute and are really effective. They add a lovely touch to your tree. I'm hoping to put ours up this week.

  2. absolutely gorgeous and simple, nice!
    and great blog :)

  3. Love your Chrissy tree, clever lady x

  4. What a cute idea! It gives it a real vintage feel!

  5. Thanks for your beautiful comments everyone! I am loving the tree this year, much better than last years effort…The doily’s are too cute loving the vintage glamour, I might customize our tree lights next year with silver tissue paper circles?.


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