Monday, November 15, 2010

Wedding Flowers

On Friday we attended our gorgeous friends Rachael & Gavin's wedding. 

The day was beautiful and Rachael was absolutely stunning in her karen Willis holmes gown (wonder whom referred her there hehe). Nothing could be better than seeing such a gorgeous couple be married on such a perfect day and being surrounded by beautiful company, sunshine, great food and wine. I felt like such a fool, I actually shed a tear as she was walking down the isle she was so pretty.

This post is about the flowers (Venue post to follow) they were absolutely Divine bouquets and decorations and featured Peonies, hydrangeas, freesias. The aroma/ perfume combination of freesias and pink peonies smelt beautiful. The below photos were taken by a friend of the Bride and Groom Sean Boyd, its amazing that he is not a wedding photographer, I think he has a talent.

And as a thankyou for helping them out on their big day I got to Take home some of the flowers, so special!

Picture of True & I, The dress I am wore is from Alanah Hill, it is one of those dresses that you find that fits like a glove (purchased on sale from Sydney City David Jones March 2010).


  1. Some gorgeous flowers, I love the peonies. Your dress is beautiful, it fits you perfectly. Also loving your new cushions too.

  2. Thanks Rebecca, I have asked my mum & nan if they can grow some Peonies, but apprently they are quite hard to grow (maybe that is why they are so expensive to buy).

    I Appreciate your comments, I think the dress might make its way to a few christmas events this year :) Samie

  3. I love those flowers and the photos are have a great eye for what fits in the lense...
    You and hubby look gorgeous.


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