Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Block- Week 5 Review

Week 5 of "The Block" was full of Drama, with a little crying a Funeral and 4 bathrooms. Here are my pics for the week:

My Number 1- Mark & Erin

Like: I like the feature tile, They used it in the Master Bedroom Ensuite also (See Below).

Dislike: I think that the floor tiles that they used for the main bathroom are cheap looking.

Change: Remove the sticker from the toilet.

(Mark & Erin's Ensuite)

My Number 2- Brenton & Chez

Like: The Glass feature wall, Reminds me of Carrara Tile with Beautiful Blue Grey tones. 

Dislike: The Basin, as the judges noted it was not practical (& will probably date).

Change: Edit the room. Take a few of the decorative Pieces away, too many flowers & pots. Why not hang up a nice Black and white photograph from Vaucluse (The area where the Block is filmed). 

Grey Bathroom Carrara Tile Via Here

My Number 3- Neisha & John

Like: The bathroom Vanity, Huge sink, lots of bench space and storage

Dislike: The colour palette is very non imaginative & Safe, do something different, a pattern, colour?.

Change: Replace the 1/2 used roll of toilet paper on the are presenting a room!

My Number 4- Mark & Duncan

Like: The shower head in the bath tub & the glass storage shelf in the bathtub.

Dislike: Random placement of additional shelving, it is not permanent shelving and I think potential buyers would look at the room and think that there was inadequate storage in the bathroom (That white boxy looking storage thing to the right of the photo).

Change: Take away the Nana looking bath mat for the Judging & style photo's.

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