Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Check it out Mum! {Inspired by others}

I am lucky my mum trolls through my blog at least once or twice a day!

So I had a thought, this year I am going to make an effort to promote other blogs that I think are fabulous for my mum to check out! (and maybe you).

Take a look at A Dose of Pretty Sara had these lovely chairs reupholstered (the second one whilst in Peru, lucky you, cheap reupholstering).

Sara is pregnant with a baby girl, I Imagine the love for beautiful "David hicks la fiorentina fabric" might look lovely in the nursery design (Good luck Sara).

Image via Ddecorpad

Monday, January 30, 2012

Large Scale Beach Photography & Lounge Musings

Last year I purchased this very special photograph that is now hanging pride of place in our lounge.  

Lately I have been shopping up a storm in the search for the prefect lounge.
Maybe I have found it... but I am still unsure, what do you think?.

In the grey colour above as the munchkin (below) ensures that the fabric choice is not dark or velvet, the Black Velvet chairs get a pet hair roller at least once a day (enough said?).

The rest of the room:

Here are a few beautiful spaces that feature Large scale beach prints:


Monday, January 23, 2012

A Bike Ride in Bali {Travel}

Whilst holidaying in Bali over New years Mr hubs and I decided to do a bike tour to take in the countryside, It was truly beautiful and a great way to see the Balinese culture.

The tour starts from Kintamani, nestled high on a volcanic crater rim and meanders through trails, tracks and roads. We did the morning tour through Bintang Tour it was 40km (the easiest 40km I have ever done). 

 We rode past this gentleman (above) stopped on the side of the road making ice creams from the back of his bike for a few locals, he even had the “Ice cream man jingle” playing from his motor bike.
We were half way though our tour when mother nature greeted us with a shower.

Automatic coffee grinder.

Yum coffee!

We also had the opportunity to try poo coffee from then Uwak animals (like the movie The Bucket List).....The Uwak animals taking a nap (below)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Online purchases {Shopping}

I am sensing a theme with my purchases this week....

There is a method to my madness.

Does anyone have any great Online Shopping finds I should check out?


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moth Design {Inspired}

I knew it would be a great space jugging by the rest of the home, behold the inspiration that is Moth Design.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

West Elm- International Shipping

Did you know that West Elm Ship internationally to Australia? A whole plethora of shopping possibilities keep opening to Australia (insert disappointed look from my husband here). I am currently lusting after this chevron bedding and a few other bits and pieces. Has anyone in Australia purchased from West Elm?


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Modern Jane: Kitchen and White painted floor {Inspired DIY}

One of the best and most memorable bloggy friend renovations of 2011 is Modern Janes Kitchen, White painted floors.
The number one reason why I love this space so much? (besides awesome floors)

I could imagine my husband sitting on the window bench seat talking to me whilst I cook.... or me sitting whilst he cooks (that's how we roll) if we don't cook together the other person is always sitting nearby chatting about our day.

Congratulations Jane what a great project. For a detailed how to go here. 

I could stare at the fabulous black and white ikat roman blinds forever (Great Choice).



Monday, January 16, 2012

Wedding dress code: “Races”

We attended a friends wedding over the weekend with the dress code “Races”, how fabulous is that? all the ladies wore wonderful dresses and fascinators and the men weren’t too confused either suit, shirt, tie and shoes.  

I had a dry-cleaning dress dilemma when packing the car the night before (a dress I was planning on wearing that was dry-cleaned three months ago and now features rust stains I didn’t even think to check).

I did a quick power shop for a new outfit (under one hour) I went to Alannah hill and scored this beautiful dress and fascinator on SALE!.

More on the features of this super cute and creative wedding to come!.

Did you have a fabulous weekend?


Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Roadside Find…{DIY}

A little while ago I gave you a sneak peek of a little something in the back of our Car.

After leaving dinner with some friends late one night my husband with his keen roadside find eye “drawers” I yell “Go back!” under the dark of night we quietly inspected the fabulous find with minimal light, I said “Castors, get this thing into the car!”.

The very next day I ripped off the mirror hold and attacked this beauty with my electric sander.


After: I think it's rustic imperfect charm fits well within our eclectic apartment and , I love the raw wood finish.

Here is a better photo of one of my favourite prints from Driftwood Interiors

I put the old entertainment unit on Gumtree, It was sold and picked up within the day for $60….. It was bought it on Ebay for $20 four years ago, got to be happy with that!

A bad photo of the old TV Unit:

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