Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Ship Song - The Sydney Opera House

I don’t usually post links to Youtube, but seeing as I work at The Sydney Opera House I thought you might like to see a little glimpse backstage and the creative things the people I work with get up to.

Here is a little Blurb from our CEO Richard Evans:

The Ship Song is a unique interpretation of Nick Cave’s classic song, sung and played by some of the artists and companies that make Sydney Opera House renowned around the world.

The Ship Song features vocals by Neil Finn, Kev Carmody, Sarah Blasko, Angus and Julia Stone, Paul Kelly, Temper Trap, Martha Wainwright, Katie Noonan, Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Daniel Johns. The singers are joined by the Sydney Symphony, Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Bell Shakespeare Company and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

The Ship Song’s aim is to give people everywhere the opportunity to experience the creative genius that makes this place tick, to get a taste of the artists, venues and other spaces that power the heart of this great building.
The Ship Song is designed to be shared. So send it to your friends, watch it with your families, share it with everyone you know.

Love it, such a creative place to work!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wedding Inspiration - Summerlees NSW Southern Highlands

Our friends are getting married at Summerlees at Sutton Forest on the NSW Southern Highlands, a little bit excited this place looks beautiful!

These Images PROVE that it does not matter if it rains on your big day, as long as you are marrying the love of your life and you are happy and relaxed the photos will look beautiful! (An awesome photographer always helps too). Story behind the images via Polkadotbride


Friday, July 22, 2011

Oscar De La Renta - PR girl

I found Oscar pr girl blog through the beautiful Natalie merrillyn posting Amazing day to day styling and a little insight into the world of Oscar Daaaarlling......


Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Kitchen - The heart of the home

I have deemed this kitchen the BEST that I have ever seen, it is designed by Urban grace interiors (a whole lot'O inspiration on their website if you are interested).
  • Open to the surrounding rooms - I imagine this would be handy if you had little ones, or work alone in the kitchen whilst your husband is watching Tour De France daily updates like I do.
  • Island bench with plenty of seating {5'Oclock wine time?}.
  • Butlers pantry - The two white doors either side of the range hood, an outside door to a car space for unloading the grocery's directly to the pantry would be handy.
  • Recessed full screen TV {for said husband to watch Tour De France and cook}
  • Glass fronted fridge and full size wine fridge.
  • Pretty dusty blue cabinets and Carrera marble counter tops.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fiddle dee dee - It's a Fiddle Leaf fig!

Truth be told I have a black thumb but these Fiddle leaf figs have me thinking that I just might be able to manage one (for a little while at least without killing it). Martha  has sold me on the idea, here are all the deets:
  • Easy to care for, Water thoroughly only when surface is dry to the touch, likes periods of drought, Mist occasionally
  • Loves a bright, sunny location.
  • Groom by removing yellowed foliage, occasionally dust leaves with  a soft cloth
  • Every 2 years re-pot  to avoid becoming rootbound

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stick a light bulb in it & call it a lamp?

I am a big devotee to the equestrian theme, in fact I am loving it sick! Whilst perusing Matt Blatt (as you do) I stumbled upon a horse head lamp “interesting design" I thought to myself and then I found a boot shaped lamp... and a “Sassy” Cat table tamp, I started to feel a little disturbed.  
To stick a light bulb in a figurine (be it a horse or a Boot) and call it a lamp….I am just totally convinced. Maybe I am totally wrong (shock horror) and everyone else loves it. It is merely my humble opinion that the “sassy” cat needs to be sent to the animal shelter.
With a price tag of $500 to $700 would one of these make it into your home?


Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday at our house...

What a busy weekend we had a baby shower, a farewell and a birthday party here there and everywhere! I managed to spend a little bit of time on the farm, whilst taking Bella (our dog) for a walk I grabbed this eucalyptus branch, wall actually I outsourced the Mr to fetch it for me. I think it looks so simple but beautiful sitting in a large vase, I put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the water to enhance the smell (I used good old "Double D").

A few other bits and pieces:
  • The dog bed that I made in beautiful gold satin, piped in chocolate brown velvet (my first attempt at piping a cushion was not a complete failure).
  • Black Ginger jar style lamp Thrifted from the Salvation Army for $10. I also found a duck egg blue one (at the very same store a few weeks later) that I have gifted to mum.
  • The mirror is also new - A recent present from mum - Call me mirror obsessed but I think in a small space you need to have lots of mirrors to reflect the light.  

Green is beautiful & I had the guts I would use Astro Turf as carpet too...

Friday, July 15, 2011

I found the X Desk!

I have seen this desk around the blog world quite a bit lately:

If you have been looking I found the same desk in Freedom Furniture for $599 (Au).

PS...Why had I never walked into Bay Leather Republic - What a great source of inspiration!
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