Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Block- And the Winner is....

Reserve: $900,000
Sold: $1,105,000
Won: $205,000

Well done Neisha & John! Great effort!
I Suppose I should have read More thoroughly when I reported the SMH article yesterday:

We will not find out who has won the $100,000 prize until tonight, when the reserve prices for the units are revealed. All four contestant couples are entitled to pocket any difference between their sale price and the reserve. Neisha and John were in the box seat to take the prize.

Great result: Erin & Jake 
Reserve: $910,000
Sold: $997,500
Won: $87,500
Well done boys: Mark & Duncan 
Reserve: $860,000
Sold: $907,000
Won: $47,000
Unexpected end Brenton & Chez 
Reserve: $880,000
Result: passed in 

I almost shed a tear I was so devastated that Brenton and Chez were unable to sell their apartment, I really hope that they sell the apartment soon & make a little bit of money for their efforts. 

It is interesting, real estate development is difficult and often unpredictable, at least Brenton and Chez can walk away knowing that they have not lost their own money.


  1. I was glued to the screen last night. We have a friend who kept telling hubby and I to audition.
    After seeing the heartache of Brenton and (look at the box 1st)Chez. No way.
    I am so happy for the winners though.

  2. I felt really happy for John and Neisha, especially as they were a bit anxious drawing the #1 card. I felt so sorry for Chez and Brenton though - I would have been devastated after all that hard work.

  3. I was kind of a little surpirsed by last night but perhaps simple does work best and I also think John and Neisha left that little bit of space for people to put their own stamp on the space.
    I felt so terrible for Brenton & Chez, all that hard work. But I'm sure they'll sell for a good price.
    I just wish I had a partner to enter next years!
    That's what you and hubby should :)

  4. Amanda- I think that drawing the number 1 card worked out the best for John & Neisha, they seam like such beautiful people!

    LOL Sarah I will go on it with you! Hubby & I are both Project managers (Builders) so I think we might have too much of an advantage over the other contestants ;).


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