Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend haul + amethyst crystal cluster obsession

The weekend at the Rozelle markets was very successful indeed - take a look at all the amazing (and relatively cheep) bits and pieces I picked up:

From left to right:
  • Cut glass candle stick holders $5 
  • Set of 4 colour coordinating books $20
  • Australian wide veranda house sketch in black and white with painted timber frame $15
  • Amethyst crystal cluster $20
  • Lucite number "1" $2
  • Silver serving tray $10
  • Brass candlestick $5
  • White candlestick holder $3

My friend was deeply concerned about the amethyst crystal cluster purchase, she compared my excitement to Spencer Pratts crazy eyed crystal obsession - rest assured I will not end up looking like this (not many people can pull off tye dye and look rational.. Spencer included):

The crystal ended up looking more like this
No crazy eyes in sight - just a polished silver bar tray and allot of sparkle sparkle.

I was inspired by this image Via Table tonic

Aside from dinner with beautiful friends, a successful market haul & visiting the in-laws I found time to re-style the dining room table, buffet and television cabinet (photos soon).


  1. love the cut glass candlestick! I don't know if we have these kind of markets in Perth...I've only ever seen some where the adage 'one man's trash...' doesn't apply, it's just trash.
    Good work :)

  2. Too funny about Spencer and the crystals! Yours is beautiful! :)

  3. Love all of your finds! Laughing too about the Spencer comment! I found you through "Craptastic"'s Stylish Blogger Award, and I'm a new follower. Really enjoy reading your blog. :)

    The...Late, Young Family

  4. LOL. So funny!

    I have got to get out to a great old fashion Flea Market

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  5. Oooh! That just happens to be one of my kids birthstones and my favorite color! What a laugh! I love that Table Tonic image too. Good finds!

  6. The markets look like they have some amazing things. I've never been to the Rozelle ones but must try them xx

  7. Samantha, what great finds and a lovely sounding weekend! I was sooo into crystals as a teenager, I have loved seeing them become popular in interiors recently :)
    Romana xx

  8. Nice finds Samantha. I especially like your silver tray. Rozelle market looks like a bit of a treasure trove. ;-)

  9. The market was so so busy on Saturday. I had to make my way through to vote out the back... After all that I couldn't be bothered with the markets. Looks like it was a good one though!


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