Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday flowers & the living room

Friday again & it is flower time!

During the week I picked up a few bunches of roses for $4 each - cheap flowers are the only advantage of working in one of the worst suburbs in Sydney.

I arranged them in a milk glass vase placed on a beautiful brass tray that I found in an antique store.

The chevron love affair is not technically dead at our house yet....these pillows make me happy (the Ikea couch needs to move on - hopefully soon). 

The cowhide is old/new, I picked it up from my mums house. 

Another bunch of flowers were placed on my bedside table- made the bedroom smell beautiful! 

Please have a beautiful weekend - whatever you might be doing!



  1. Samantha, I love your living room (what do you call it, rumpus room?) and bedside table! Both are beautiful. Love the cowhide, even if it's old. Love the chevron pillows. Love the flower.

  2. We are having a break from flowers for a bit.
    I have been on a flower buying frenzy the past few weeks with our open for inspections... But no more!!!
    Although looking at your lovely roses... If I could get some for $4 I would have them everywhere and every week.

  3. Love the milk glass vase. I just bought fresh flowers yesterday as well and they are such a lovley way to bring life into my home!

  4. I love your living room. It all looks stylish, yet comfortable and welcoming - and I love the sofa! Loving the visit to your friends home in the country - we have an outside claw foot bath too, but not done up like this one. Its the best thing to bathe and look at the stars. Thank you for entering my giveaway and your lovely comment.
    Rebecca x

  5. Your living room is so lovely! Those flowers are gorgeous!



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