Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ebay find of the day- Bamboo chairs

Is seams that many of you beautiful Black Velvet Chair readers have a great eye for finding a bargain and seeing the potential in everything.

Sooooo the $1 Million dollar home I posted yesterday made me feel depressed and disheartened with the Sydney real estate situation I was then led to shopping on ebay for Bamboo chairs....what else is a girl to do when you don't have $1 Million dollars in your pocket? (we can't all be "Winning" like Mr Charlie Sheen).

Option 1
Located in Melbourne and currently no bids at $70 (only 1 day left).
OMG check out the detail at the corner where the leg meets the cross bar - Devinne!.

Option 2
These beauty's are in Windsor (Sydney).....Stop me now.....bid, bid, bid!

I imagine these would look great at either end of a big table.
(Karina - you say I never mention you on this blog.....you must buy these for your big table) 
I would paint them gloss white and pair with beautiful cushions covered in a floral Missoni Fabric (as below). 



  1. What great finds! Every time I see chairs like those I lament that I never find anything like them around.. guess I should be checking out ebay!

  2. You are sooo brave to mention your ebay finds on the blog. I would be scared someone would outbid me. However, these area fantastic and I hope you get a great deal on them.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. LOL I cant bid on them- so I share the love ;)

  4. They are both fabulous, and I agree with Mr GH...I would be nervous that someone else would see them and bid too!

  5. Oh wow. oddly enough I was looking for some on Ebay last weekend...!! :)))))

  6. AMAZING finds!!! Haha, DUH-Winning!!! :)

  7. Oh I love those chairs! I wish I could buy every fun one I see! ; )

  8. Yet another good find, you do have a talent here you understand :) Let me know if you find anything exciting on eBay located in Cairns LOL x


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