Monday, March 14, 2011

Lounging around on a nailhead trim sofa

Saturday afternoon was spent lounging around - after a morning filled with brunch and thrifting with mum I laid on the lounge watching high quality quality television shows such as Kim & Kourtney take New York & Gillana and Bill (please don't judge hehe).

Why am I mentioning my television watching - you ask? The episode of Gilliana and Bill featured the most glorious lounge and I can't stop thinking about it! The lounge was in their Chicago condo (sorry not the best photo) It was a white couch with nail head trim all over!

I have been searching in the hope of finding a similar sofa for our abode, starting to think we might need to have one custom made if the search does not end well. I found this custom made one in the US by Ellen kennon.
Talking about nailhead trim on a sofa "done well", I was reminded of the living room of Mr Goodwill hunting. Instant sofa envy!.

PS: How good would the chair I posted about last Friday fit into Mr GWH abode!



  1. Love it! You can always try press studs on your own sofa? ( not that I know what it looks like)..or try it out on a chair? Really love this look!

  2. Oh great... now I want a white sofa with nailhead trim! Love that.

  3. I love nail head furniture. Its timeless. I also love Giuliana and Bill. It is one of my guilty pleasures.

  4. I love a good nail trim! I wont judge your TV habits - I watch those every week as well as Kimora - Life in the Fab Lane.
    Trash is good for you!

    Sarah x

  5. I missed that chair!What a unique shape!

  6. Nailhead on a sofa looks devine! Thanks for the great post!

  7. Love that chair! Looks like that amazing one in Lonny this month! Great post, dying over the couch too!

  8. Thanks so much for the shout out! That chair would certainly fit well in my home!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting


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