Monday, March 28, 2011

Where I like to curl up and read

This is the spot where I Like to curl up and read magazines....Humm strike that I don't curl - In the wise words of comedian Ellen Degeneres "I prefer to lay when reading as curling is a relatively uncomfortable position to read". This little reading spot is the best as the light streams through, I think that abundant cushions and a side table are necessity's for a great reading spot. Where is your favorite reading spot?

I did love this reading spot from our honeymoon to the South Island of New Zealand it was as big as a king size bed and full of fluffy pillows and windows on all three sides.



  1. Hi There! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day :) Its so nice to meet new "faces"!

    I really like that chevron pillow on your sofa - is it ikat?

    My favorite place to read is propped up on pillows on the grass in our backyard. But since its still piled with snow right now, I'll settle for reading in bed.

  2. Very cozy looking! Right now its in my bed, right before I go to sleep. I do plan on creating a little nook for myself. Its on my list of to-dos to become tah-dahs!

    I love that vintage look chair with the bold black and white stripe! Is that a pained finish?

    I just started following lovely blog!

  3. Love all those great pillows!! And perfect quote from true!

  4. Like you , I like to lie down rather than curl up, it just feels better. I don't currently have a spot but you know, I'm going to make sure my new place has one for sure. I'll share with you when done xx


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