Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The great Australian dream

One day we will have a backyard of our own - for now I am happy with city living and an annual trip with beautiful girlfriends to our farm in the Hunter Valley. I love this place - If I could I would live here and feed the mooo cows every day (they come right up to the veranda). 

And remembering back on the 09 shenanigans- we stumbled upon a degustation surprizes we participated in the food and matching wines option.
LOL Did I mention the outside bath? Definitely putting that on the "Dream house" list.


  1. What a great getaway...yes..I think we share the same to roam...fresh air..and peace and quiet. Love the hunter..havent been for zonks!

    p.s is that a pair of little doggy hind legs I can see underneath the bath? lol x

  2. Maybe one day it won't be a dream Anna :) LOL yes it is a ceramic Doggy hehe

  3. Beautiful land! An outside bath tub?? Interesting.


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