Thursday, March 24, 2011

Design board two ways - Opinions please!

This week I had a beautiful morning catching up with a friend and her dear little one - aside from raising a gorgeous family she also works and has been finding time between everything to remodel the master bedroom of her home (& a nursery too). They have ordered the bed & would like to use tall boys beside the bed.

For a little bit of fun I put together these design boards - I cant decide between the mirror or frames option? what do you think?

All sources are from Freedom furniture - Australia

Option 1
Mirror above the bed

Option 2
Silver frames above bed



  1. I like the round mirror because there are a lot of straight lines in the room.

  2. I love the mirror, I think it breaks up and softens the rest of it. (by the way great job on the trunk, a huge difference - love it)
    Rebecca x

  3. I think I'm in favor of the round mirror too! It definitely helps break up some of the lines!

  4. I have to agree with the round mirror. The rest of the room is so many straight right angles...

  5. I vote mirror - the lines of the frames echo the lines of the tallboy drawers, and I think the round mirror balances things more. also, the darkness of the mirror-frame ties in with the lightshades, without being too matchy.
    Lovely work Samantha!

  6. Definateley the mirror for me too. It breaks up the square look of the bed and chest of drawers. It also looks less cluttered

  7. I agree. The mirror, for sure! But I'd spray it white....

  8. The mirror!! I think the shape works great and the black color actually works really really well with the rest of the room. Especially with that wall color! Great job, girlie : )

  9. I love the mirror option. Great design board too by the way. I am sure they enjoy their new room.


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