Monday, March 7, 2011

Sydney house prices....Virtual re-decorating

The house prices in Sydney are Astronomical! Sydney is ranked number 2 as the most unaffordable city to buy a house.

It might sound crazy but sometimes I like to dream about what $1 Million dollars might buy us in our local area. Today I came up with this charming abode....

Picture this.....white walls + sanded and polished floor + Massive chandeliers all Furnished with a few gorgeous artworks scattered on the walls.... 
The house would look just like Bree Oliver's beautiful Paddington home that was sold last year.

Oh yah this million dollar home also has a glorious Kitchen in lemon yellow and spearmint green:

I would do this:

Do you ever virtually re-decorate a home?


  1. Oh don't. I'm so depressed by it all. In fact you actually can't get much for less than a million it seems. There is a massive crisis looming...

    Lovely makeover work! :)

  2. Good plans, but depressing house prices.

  3. I totally do! I love your ideas here!


  4. Love these ideas!! It's fun to daydream about the wonderful things to do in an open space!

  5. ha ha! Been doing it for the past 12 months... And now we are selling...
    Every open home I walk into I re-decorate with exactly how and what I would do...

  6. this home is fantastic and has so much potential. My mind is ALWAYS virtually decorating.

  7. Yup, I do this kind of re-decorating all the can dream can't they?! These are lovely virtual dreams you have here :)

  8. You just can't beat the classic black and white when it comes to decorating!! great images xx


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