Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Flowers & I love lamp

Hi beautiful readers- I hope you have a great weekend whatever you might be doing. I will be going out on a date with the hubs tonight, a bit of goodwill shopping and visiting my family tomorrow & on Sunday working on a project for our Study...that will involve a skirt and a desk.

Last weekend we visited the In Laws on their farm, I went flower picking in the yard with my mother in Law, these beauties have been cheering me up all week. If you have the opportunity to pick flowers from your back garden I am insanely jealous of you!. Unfortunately for now all I have is apartment dwelling and the ability to kill every plant on our balcony.  

PS: Do you like our new lamps for the buffet? Separates from Target $10.50 for the mirrored base & $10.50 Shade.....$21 a lamp! My lucky day (so I bought 2 one for either side of the buffet). In the words of the beautiful Michelle from Ten June I have been repeating to the husband incessantly the line "I love lamp!" I keep remembering it from her post....Do you remember the movie where that line came from?



  1. Anchor Man! Hahaha I have a post titled that too... I think all us lamp-a-holics might have one! hahahaha :) I love that mirrored base! It's GORGEOUS!

  2. Ha! You're so cute. Thanks for the shout out :)

    And YESSSS I love that lamp!! So sleek and glam! Target ROCKS!

  3. Way to go on the awesome purchases!! Haha, and Anchorman is amazing! :)

  4. Love the lamps. I actually have an I Love Lamp shirt!


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