Friday, September 14, 2012

The Escala Penthouse of Christian Grey { Fifty Shades of Grey }

I am currently halfway through the third book, and every little bit addicted to the story of Christian Grey (fifty) and Anna Steele. The Escala penthouse referred to is real, although the images and floor plan don't match the descriptions in the book (no secret rooms) there are still many likenesses. The apartment on the top floor of Escala recently sold for $6 million, the all-glass window home marketed with Grey’s famous piano in the corner.

Via: urban development group





fifty shades of grey penthouse for sale

Via: Daily mail



  1. How addictive are those books! I loved the story!
    Ivevwalked past that building a tone of times when we have visited bens brother in Seattle....alas have never seen mr grey around


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