Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Round round part 3 - My DIY Juju inspired mirror

I was totally inspired by the apartment with the painted white floorboards (I posted yesterday) I couldn't stop thinking about the last photo with the juju inspired mirror - so I decided to make some juju inspired mirrors myself using fabric instead of feathers. The mirrored juju is easy to make and can be done using any fabric - for these creations I used hessian and a sheer white fabric - I would love to make a hot pink tulle one for my study, oh and maybe a black one and a grey one too. If you are keen to give it a go yourself I will post some DIY instructions tomorrow.

The look of the mirror reminds me of a dahlia flower + juju hat + starburst mirror.

Here is the white one I created - on the wall in our master bedroom

I love the arrangement of a few Juju together like the photo below.



  1. Aren't you clever? Love the faux juju hats, they look fantastic! K xx

  2. I love this! Would definately love your tips on a diy xx

  3. these are great! I love the colour of hessian.

  4. Wow - great project. It is such a fun mirror, with great texture.

  5. oh O love this! I'm definitely gonna make one of these for my apartment. I can't wait fot your instruction!

  6. Very inspiring Samantha, great work. Love them both. Would love the instructions so I can have a go.
    Rebecca x

  7. These are so pretty.I love the combination between the texture of the fabric and the smoothness of the mirror :)Your blog is so nice.I'd love it if you liked to follow each other.


  8. That is awesome!!! I love it! Might have to try one!


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