Monday, April 11, 2011

Painted white floorboards + colour = me happy

White floorboards mixed with the right amount of colour. Via desiretoinspire

How awesome is the image above? A tulle juju inspired hat and an upside down lampshade? Ohhhh I am feeling very inspired to turn a few lampshades upside down.



  1. i just want to paint my entire house white now. haha :) love these shots... and totally digging the upside down lampshade.

  2. I imagine heaven looks just like this! What a beautiful space to live in.

  3. Ok.
    All of these images are just so breath taking.
    The pops of colors make it work.
    Where do you find such amazing images!!!!

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  4. I love the relaxed and warm feel of this home...gorgeous!!

  5. I'm telling of these days I am going to have my on room and its going to be as WHITE and refreshing as these beauties!

  6. Oh I'm totally in love with this house! Gorgeous pictures!

  7. Oooohhh, this is my kinda post girlfriend! Love every single one of those images with white floors! Have a great Looonnnnggg weekend! Miss Walker xoxo


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