Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monica's apartment from Friends

Do you remember Monica's apartment from the television show Friends? I have been watching a few old episodes lately. The decor was wonderfully eclectic, purple walls, mismatched dining room chairs, gallery walls, the framed peep hole on the door, oh and who can forget "the Rachel hair".

Monica has a rams head chair too - at the desk in front of the window

I found this wonderful eclectic design that translates the use of bright colours very similar to Monica's apartment Via: Here

If you were thinking of adding a frame to your peep hole, I found this  beautiful lemon yellow one Via Ada and darcy .



  1. Ahh I miss that show. Thanks for rounding up these pics.

  2. I miss that show too! I remember how much I loved their apartment, it was so fun and cool.

  3. Oh I remember the frame around the peep hole! Such a great detail! Totally miss that show...thanks for the great reminders!

  4. I loooves that frame - I have been putting it in and taking it out of my cart for ages now. I cannot decide on a colour. The trim in the blue room looks great too!

    x Sarah

  5. I love that show! I know that the set is just for TV but I always adore the lovely furniture. Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx


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