Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Melbourne Myer & Samantha the celebrity stalker

My first affiliation with the blogging world was daily readings of the infamous celebrity reporter Last week when shopping with my mother and sister in Melbourne I was awe struck running into Miss universe Jennifer Hawkins coming out of the bathroom, I then turned into a giddy schoolgirl and borderline celebrity stalker when I realised there was a press pack and some type of commotion to mark the official opening of the Melbourne Myer store.

From left to right the people in the below photo Samantha Swain, Jessica Hart, Andrej Pejic, Jennifer Hawkins....Okay I might just be browsing Myer - but I am in that photo, accidentally on purpose.....

And in case you needed more evidence - here are some I snapped with my handbag camera.

The new Melbourne Myer store is amazing, I think seven or eight levels of men's, woman's and home wares are all in one store. The new store is one million times better than the old one - you know what I mean if you ever went to the old store it was a shambles.

Found a black velvet chair

 An innovative scaffolding table solution

 Amazing floral displays

And another display - Inspired by my favourite anthropologie lamp perhaps?.



  1. Oh I will definitely check out Myer next time I am in Melbourne! ;-)

  2. Jen always looks amaazing! I would have been a bit giddy too!
    You look great.

  3. hahahaha you are too funny!

  4. How neat! Love that your found a velvet chair and that dining room table is awesome!

  5. Hahaha I love that you made it into a paparazzi photo with Jen Hawkins.

  6. How cool is that scafolding table and beach seats!

  7. Well done on appearing so natural! Great shots, and look forward to looking at the new Myer when next in Melbourne.
    Rebecca x

  8. Looks amazing - great catch as it were. A xxx

  9. Hi Samantha! LOVE your blog... So nice to have a neighbour online ~ YAY! I absolutely love your Blog ~ you have great style! Gorgeous Chanel bag! x

  10. Hottie Biscotti!
    I think you can claim fame from this - its a bit special!
    Plus that table is way too cool.
    x Sarah

  11. I'm ashamed to say it cos I work in the city but I just checked it out the other day.. its quite fantastic! And I love all the great new brands that are being featured there too now. Great bag by the way! Hope you have a lovely weekend! x


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