Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Engagement photo's - Luna Park

So...Not only have our wedding photos been featured in print and on the Internet, our Engagement photos have also done the rounds. I thought I might share these with my beautiful blog friends! "I swear this will be the last time I blab on about our wedding" LOL.

We had the engagement photo session at "Luna park Sydney" it is a amusement park, similar to Coney Island in New york. One of the main features of the park is this happy (scary) face, this is where you enter the park - through the mouth. I loved the vintage carnival feel and the beautiful bright colours. 

 We used the above photo for our "Save the date" cards
I made double sided printed card with purple sleeve and save the date magnet.

 We used the above photo on a Australia Post stamp for our "Save the Dates"

 Fun and Silliness in the crazy mirrors

 I love the light in the above picture, I think it looks like a love heart....can you see it?
This was actually a stairwell for the Big dipper archway


  1. This looks like so much fun Samantha. Love the photos - I spotted the heart too. I love the pic of you over your husbands shoulder. I love wedding stories and photos, so have enjoyed reading your posts. Thank you for sharing.
    Rebecca X

  2. Such lovely photos - love the location!

  3. Thanks for your beautiful comments! The photos are very treasured, we are so glad we did the engagement photos, it gave us a real chance to feel comfortable with our photographer & know what to expect on the wedding day ;) XX Samie

  4. Oh these turned out amazing! You are so gorgeous!


  5. What adorable pictures! And what a fun place to take them! Where is this? I wish it was by me!


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