Friday, December 17, 2010

Ottomans & cushions & coffee - "Oh my"

As a die hard coffee lover, I was in awe when I found these beautiful and Oh-so original handmade Coffee sack ottomans and cushions by VelvetBean on Etsy (cool name- but no connection).

I wonder if they would still have the coffee smell?

At my favorite coffee place everybody knows my name and my coffee of choice. 
Do you have a favorite coffee place?  I would love to try it!

My Number 1 is Campos Coffee in Newtown - for an Affogato (Ice cream with a shot of coffee) 
Sadly I don't live in the area so only have it as a special treat every now and again.
 Affogato- Campos coffee - Newtown Via: simonfoodfavourites
 This is the regular morning line up of die hard coffee fans

The store


  1. Those ottomans are awesome!! What a great find. Hope you have a great weekend x


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