Thursday, December 9, 2010

Missoni Inspired Print - Part 2

Remember the Missoni inspired pattern that I created last week Here, well here are some pictures of the finished products. One A4 piece of paper did it all! I cut the paper to fill the little love heart picture frame (perspex/ magnetic ones), a bright pink Typo Picture frame and lined the bottom of a Milk Glass ash tray (will be used to hold business cards). 

On a side note- I picked up these beautiful staffordshire dogs at an Antique store in Greytown (North Island of New Zealand) when I was there October this year, Greytown is a must if you are in the Wellington Area it is about 1 hour north!. I love my Staffordshire dogs soooo much.... Even if i did look like a crazy person swiftly whipping them off the shelf and paying for them before anyone else I was shopping with had a chance to step foot in the door, they were carefully stored in the overhead locker for the plane ride back to Aus.

Here is the view out of my friends house, a sheep farm in country New Zealand, Not to bad at all!
We were luck when we visited it was lambing season, so of course I had many cuddles with the orphaned lambies - they were quite inquisitive - I think mainly because they were hungry for a bottle of milk.

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  1. You clever lady, how gorgeous are these. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the ashtray - can you make more so I can buy one (seriously).



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