Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A spot to Relax...Wingback chairs

Wingback chairs look so relaxing and beautiful to me, like a little bit of luxury - they remind me of a first class plane seats where you have your own little cocoon to rest.

This post if full of a little bit of wingback fun and colour, a before and after and some octopus dictionary paper inspiration. 

These chairs are not my style- 
where would you use something like this? maybe a trendy nightclub?

 A very good example of a before and after wingback chair transformation Here at Bryn Alexandra

After the amazing transformation:
Black fabric with silver hardware! it is exactly what I would have chosen - beautiful!

On another note I was so inspired by this picture that I posted about Here

That I purchased this octopus print on Etsy.
Yes - I know.....I have been a little bit crazily obsessed with the old dictionary paper.
from This Etsy Seller


  1. I love wingback chairs - as you can see on my blog, I have put mine in many photos - a true indulgence for me! These images are gorgeous, I love the before and after, the black chairs are divine. Also loving the octopus print, will look great in your home.
    Rebecca x

  2. These are so pretty. That first pink one is stunning! Don't know if my husband would allow that in the house though. :)

  3. That first pink chair is crazy amazing! And I love the print you got!


  4. That pink chair gives me goosebumps! I just LOVE it!

  5. Oooh I love that 3 piece octopus picture! So unique, and those couches!!!

  6. Amazing chairs!! LOVE the black with silver and the top pink one!!

  7. The white sofa in the image with the pink wing back chair and the 3-panel octopus frames is amazing! Where did you find it?


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