Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the wall {DIY}

Here is a quick and simple DIY mirror that I did recently, with the holidays approaching you have probably seen a lot of beautiful reasonably priced plate chargers in the stores, I picked up two from the Myer home wares sale at 45% off $5.95 (steal) they are a light weight sealed plastic. I then purchased two coordinating size mirrors from the dollar store for $2.95.

This DIY literally takes 5 minutes (I think it took me longer to find my hot glue gun in my messy craft room).
1.       Firstly do a quick test and apply some hot glue to the back of the plate charger just to test the reaction, all went okay with my test.
2.       Liberally apply hot glue to the charger face in the centre and around the centre edges.
3.       Quickly applied the mirror face to the centre, wait for it….Ta da… a beautiful mirror.

 LOL It is hard to take a picture of a mirror without getting them camera or yourself in it, gym gear and all.

These mirrors are relatively lightweight so I fixed them to the wall with three 3M Velcro picture hanging tape (this stuff is super great "damage free hanging" I had some frames on the wall before and was able to pull them off with no trouble).

What do you think? $6.50 mirror for your wall? I hung one either side of our headboard to flank our bed.



  1. Love it! I might just have to head out and get my hands on some charger plates and mirrors!!!


  2. I am sooo trying this! Hopefully mine turns out as nice as yours ; )

  3. Just enjoyed your guest post at Hyphen Interiors! I had to come over for a visit, great blog!

  4. This is a great little project. I am always looking for mirrors.

  5. I'm featuring this on the blog today!! Love this idea! Thanks for linking up!

  6. That is such a genious idea! My husband is going to think I am nuts when I come home with about 10 charges and mirrors and redo our entire foyer:) Thanks for the idea, definitely pin worthy!

  7. So stunning! Seriously, peeps are paying big bucks for gorgeous mirrors like this. Now I am trying to run through my head all the places I want to hang charger mirrors...LOL THANKS!

  8. Such a cute mirror and looks great.

    And I love the pic of yourself in the mirror, it looks cool :)



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