Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rock My World...

Pink Quartz pieces turned into magnets so easy to make, craft glue + magnet + quartz rock = fabulousity and oh so pretty to hold up bills, bills and more bills in places like the fridge where you might not forget to pay them.

Yes I am collecting the Thomas Dux stickers, a new set of steak knives would be fab, are you collecting? The promotion ends 29th January 2012.

As you might remember the above pretties were inspired by these pretties


The hydrangea flowers from my mothers garden have been getting pinker {not that I am complaining, the pinker the better as far as I am concerned}.

PS: Just in case you were wondering the "S" in the frame is for my married name.
& Yes that is a bike handle bottom right of the picture above.



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  2. I LOVE this idea!!! This is the perfect diy project for my daughter...but I wonder if I can just use some rocks out of my driveway??? LOL, my two year old 'collects' them to practice his counting. Maybe I'll paint a few, add some magnets and see what happens...


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