Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sequin Garland {DIY}

Just wondering if I am the only one whom if thrilled when your hole punch explodes all over the floor as it reminds you of weddings in the 80's and 90's where people threw confetti to celebrate. This DIY By Caitlin Wilson reminds me of just that!

What you will need:
1. A circle die cut or punch
2. Colorful paper- metallic and a sparkly
3. A sewing machine and thread

The how to:
Step 1. Cut out a bunch of different colors of paper with the hole punch

Step 2. Organize them by color in the order for the garland.
Step 3. Line backsides of circles together to make it go faster.

Step 4. Sew them together.

I think a Christmas tree full of these would be so effective, mental note for Christmas 2012.


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  1. This is soo cute, I've can't stopping thinking about this project since I saw it on Pinterest! I was actually thinking about running out tomorrow to get some supplies for it!!


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