Thursday, December 1, 2011

$1 Holiday season decor {DIY}

As you might have seen from my thrifted weekend haul I scored a little reindeer and a natural twig wreath, they were $1 a pop! Yes that is less than I pay for a coffee.

With a little paint I have transformed the dining room buffet for the Holiday season, even better the reindeer painter {my niece} accepted payment in home made chocolate cupcakes!.

Remember he was a gaudy shade of Christmas gold before

Also I tied some ribbon to the wreath with a little bow and hung it over the top of the mirror (Fixing to the wire at the back of the mirror).  

$2 well spent?

The Thrift stores seam to have allot of Christmas decorations out, I am sure there will be even more in store next week as this weekend I envisage people turfing unwanted Christmas decor from last year (isn't it funny how much your taste can change in a year).

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  1. That's quite a makeover - your little reindeer looks very smart now!


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