Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Chihuahua who attempted to steal Christmas {Giftwrap}

Somebody was way to exited and couldn’t wait for Christmas day, Bella attempted to open her Christmas present early however she was sprung in the act by the Mr. Snaps to me as gift was wrapped with extra care and a whole lot of twine.

Tree with the lights on.

Some of you might remember my DIY paper doily lights from last year.

Does anybody like gift wrapping more than me? here is this years Christmas all wrapped up, I used a mixture of white and brown paper I embellished this with cute little Christmas reindeer stamps in silver, presents were tied with silver or black and white twine, paper doily's and mini pegs, Instead of name tags I cut out letters {either initials or full names} free hand using glitter fabric.   

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  1. What an amazing gift wrapper you are Sammie! They look beautiful, no wonder that naughty puppy wanted to get in on the action!
    Sarah x

  2. Very cute, she did a good job of almost getting all the way through the paper!

  3. OHHH this brings back so many childhood memories for me! I had two little dogs like yours and they did exactly the same thing. We would have their presents under the tree and they could open them all by themselves, thanks for sharing, Belinda

  4. The tree has been decorated in the best way possible,love the presents:p
    Which Ornament on Christmas Tree are you?
    Are you an angel or a star on the Christmas tree?

  5. How adorable! Those gifts look amazing! Enjoy the fabulous holiday, Kellie xx


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