Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Modern Jane: Kitchen and White painted floor {Inspired DIY}

One of the best and most memorable bloggy friend renovations of 2011 is Modern Janes Kitchen, White painted floors.
The number one reason why I love this space so much? (besides awesome floors)

I could imagine my husband sitting on the window bench seat talking to me whilst I cook.... or me sitting whilst he cooks (that's how we roll) if we don't cook together the other person is always sitting nearby chatting about our day.

Congratulations Jane what a great project. For a detailed how to go here. 

I could stare at the fabulous black and white ikat roman blinds forever (Great Choice).




  1. It looks wonderful! Such a beautifully decorated kitchen and I love those blinds too :)

  2. oh wow, that is truly gorgeous! I am dying for some painted wood floors..hopefully I will live in a place one day where I can do this!


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