Monday, January 23, 2012

A Bike Ride in Bali {Travel}

Whilst holidaying in Bali over New years Mr hubs and I decided to do a bike tour to take in the countryside, It was truly beautiful and a great way to see the Balinese culture.

The tour starts from Kintamani, nestled high on a volcanic crater rim and meanders through trails, tracks and roads. We did the morning tour through Bintang Tour it was 40km (the easiest 40km I have ever done). 

 We rode past this gentleman (above) stopped on the side of the road making ice creams from the back of his bike for a few locals, he even had the “Ice cream man jingle” playing from his motor bike.
We were half way though our tour when mother nature greeted us with a shower.

Automatic coffee grinder.

Yum coffee!

We also had the opportunity to try poo coffee from then Uwak animals (like the movie The Bucket List).....The Uwak animals taking a nap (below)

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  1. Fantastic pictures! I've always wanted to visit Bali and what better way to see the landscape than by bike? But you didn't say whether or not you enjoyed the poo coffee? Did it taste good?


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