Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We spent our  New Years holiday in Bali, celebrating my cousins wedding  at Karma Jimbaran

The wedding was absolutely breathtaking an arbor adorned with white roses and greenery greeted guests at the end of the thick flower petal isle, the Bride looked absolutely stunning her hair was swept to one side and pinned with orchards. The photos really do speak for themselves.

(The above photos are credit to the more professional photographer/ friends at the wedding)

The Reception flowers were also amazing, I was trying to figure out how I could walk out with them all under one arm.

A super thoughtful bonbonniere with our names also doubled as a placeholder, these beauties will definitely be going up pride of place on our Christmas tree 2012.

Congratulations, may your lives together be full of love and laughter.  

To my surprise the stunning Jessica Stein of the (super famous) blog "Tuula" is friends of the Bride’s family, it seams you can’t go many places these days without running into another fabulous blogger.



  1. Such a beautiful wedding - the dress is stunning and I love the hair swept to the side. My friend's sister got married in Bali and her wedding photos like those above were like something out of a wedding magazine.

  2. Jessica is wearing a beautiful dress. Really nice.



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