Monday, November 28, 2011

Pink cockatoo on a plate {Weekend Thrifting}

How fun is this Pink Cockatoo plate I found at a local thrift store, I think it looks pretty neat hanging in the entryway to our apartment (Takes a little focus of the intercom system).

 It seams very Black & Spiro inspired

The Thrifted haul!

You find some amazing things when you are not looking for anything in particular.

Did you manage to do any thrifting over the weekend?


  1. I love your blog! You thrifted extremely well!! I found a little ceramic bird for $1. My daughter is trying to get her mitts on him!

  2. I've never been very good at thrifting - or op-shopping as we call it here in New Zealand - but I wonder if it's just because I don't do it regularly enough. Your plate is such a fantastic find - and those elephants are gorgeous, too.

    Andrea x

  3. What a great find, and it looks lovely on the wall!

  4. Your haul is pretty impressive! Especially love that silver tray and the ceramics. I never find anything that good!

  5. ooOOOooo I am impressed with your know I love those elephants! The plate is fantastic too!

  6. It's good to know I'm not the only one who goes out op shopping and comes home with awesome but random things. I love that set of elephants especially, great find!


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