Wednesday, November 2, 2011

$3 Frame Makeover {Chalkboard}

I purchased this frame super cheap from a thrift store ($3) purchased purely for the bones of the frame, frangipanis are not my style (I think the herds of cars with windscreens plastered in stickers might have something to do with it).

I gave the frame two coats of Glossy White paint (already had) and the frangipanis were painted over with two coats of Chalkboard paint (available from any hardware store).

We now have a little spot in the Kitchen to write messages. I wonder if anyone can figure out what is happening in our family this week from my little scribble drawing.

PS:  franjapani Car stickers? Here is an example



  1. God yes! I HATE those stickers!
    Chalk board frame looks great.

  2. What a great transformation! Looks fab :)

    Abbey x

  3. Very nice, you have a good eye for picking these bits up. I did stop for a second when I saw the first image and think what the.... frangipanis don't look like Samantha's style!! :)

  4. Great makeover! Looks like someone is going skiing?? (In which case-jealous.)


    PS- Don't forget to enter 'The Perfectly Imperfect Home' book giveaway on my blog!

  5. Great idea! It looks amazing - much better than the frangipanis :)


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