Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Around the house {Installed Birthday presents}

Here is the mammoth size Photograph installed in our lounge room
+ My Birthday present from the Mr {Ceramic Drum Stool}
Yes somebody ME might have asked for "said Stool" in an anonymous (or not so) email link, or excitedly pointed out of the bus window the shop near us that had one in the window, whilst proceeding to tell him the exact price and quantity they had on hand.

+ I Used the birthday money from the In Laws to purchase these flying ducks. Maybe it is a sign of my maturity but both my Mother and Mother In Law have flying ducks around their homes.
+ Hopefully this week I will purchase a new camera with some of the Birthday money from my parents.
(The above pictures are taken with a smartphone).



  1. I Love the photograph!!! Where was it taken??
    I also received a ceramic stool for my birthday this year (40). Mine is green.


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