Thursday, September 1, 2011

Confessions of a "House Perve"

I was having a discussion with a work colleague Thunderrkat about “Bird watching” you know when guys go to the park and watch “birds” when secretly (or not so secretly) they are sitting there watching women jogging in their lunch breaks, she then followed this statement that she was a “House perve” (so she called it) as she liked to look over the fence at other peoples houses.

This statement got me thinking…. I ALSO love a good old Blog House tour, an Open for Inspection (when I have no intent of purchasing) or just peeking over the fence at the “Joneses”... there must be a reason why my “Our House” page has double the amount of views than any of my other pages (Note to self update page). Are we all secret little “House perveers” just waiting for the next house tour to pop up in our readers.

“House Perve” is a great way to generate ideas and a thought process for your own home, by using other peoples homes as inspiration you mitigate the need for an Interior designer, although on the flip side I sometimes find “House Perve” a little daunting as there are so many AMAZING homes out there it leaves me a little forlorn that there are too many ideas and not enough time.

Are you a Secret or not so Secret House Perve like I am?

A great place for a perve is Greg Natale and what more could you want on the first day of Spring than a renovated Beach house!

Happy SPRING Australia, I am off for a lunch break run (humm).



  1. Hi just found your lovely blog and am now a happy follower it's gorgeous. Have a lovely week xx

  2. Yes I'm a 'not so secret House Perve' There is nothing I enjoy more, really I love it. x

  3. I love, love, love this post. I like the way that the blue manages to be a part of every room in the house, even outside. Thanks for the great post!

    'Please visit our new website'


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