Monday, September 26, 2011

Lounge Room Decor {Recent Purchases}

What a great weekend I hope you had a good one (despite the rain). We have progressed in leaps and bounds with the Lounge room Decor, over the weekend I finalised a few things/ made a few purchases.

Beach Photograph
I purchased this beach photograph about 1 month ago by Rebecca Plotnick, I had it mounted by a local Framing Store it is finished off with a white matt and thin black frame (Photos to follow for sure). I adore this photo so much I cant stop staring at it, I already have a few favourite people in the photograph that I have given names (Truck mudflap girl is most recognisable). The Etsy seller was nice enough to print this in a custom size for me, it is a massive 75x112.5cm.

Flying Ducks
I also purchased a set of flying ducks from Domayne by Robert Gordon Australia (my three beauties are black Glazed).
Wall Hook
I just purchased this wall hook for our entry way (Mr Hubbs is going to get a surprise when this turns up at his work).

PS: How great is shopping online - you can literally Shop around the clock! We have our PC hooked up to our Television, I pull all potential online purchases to full size and see if they work with the room.

PPS: Loony inspiration YUM! this room makes sea grass roman blinds look so Chic!.


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  1. Where did you purchase the wall hook from? It's very cute.x


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