Friday, February 25, 2011

The Chevron love affair...over for me

I love Chevron.... but unfortunately I have seen a little too much of it over the past year, the images are sending me a little batty.

Mine is probably a rather unpopular opinion....sooo I ask do you Chevron? Yes? or No?.



  1. Zig zags make my eyes hurt - I liked them at the start and now its done in my books.

    Each to their own!

  2. I really do love it but I feel like it is getting a little overused.

  3. It is a little done, but I did just redo my dining room chairs in a black and white. I do still like it.

  4. I still love chevron. It's a nice graphic touch to a room. I ordered a rug from Rugsusa this past week. Hasn't shipped yet - but, I can't wait!

  5. I do still like Chevron, it really is a great print particularly in a gorgeous colour but in saying that, yes... it is everywhere. Sometimes too much of a good thing loses it's appeal x

  6. I hear ya, its a great simple design but I have also seen it a bit too much...I wouldn't pass on it completely though, I really love strong, bold prints like this.

  7. LOVE it ... a little over-used but still makes my heart flutter ;)


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