Thursday, February 24, 2011

New artwork - Driftwood Interiors

Kerri Shipp of Drifwood interiors has begun a brand new series of interiors portraits, available as original watercolour artwork or fine art prints.

Before it hit the shop I had asked if the original was available for purchase, I instantly fell in love with "Anna's Atelier" The first piece of the series. The artwork is based on a beautiful room designed by Anna Spiro, who is famous for her use of bold colour. The 'Interior Portraits' series features gorgeous interiors based on rooms designed by today's most talented interior designers, and other's born solely from imagination.

The above is Inspired by this gorgeous room (below) from Anna Spiro of black & spiro

The painting arrived beautifully wrapped and perfectly timed on our wedding anniversary day.
It went straight up on the feature wall & love it to bits! 
I would love to purchase a few more as I am considering a 3 x 2 arrangement of the large frames.

Here are a few other pictures from the series that I am dreaming of (Pictured linked to Etsy listing)

Such beautiful work! Stay up to date with the new paintings through Kerri's blog:


  1. Cute pieces Samantha! Love them all - and the one you picked looks great on your photo wall! Who wouldn't draw awesome inspiration from Anna Spiro's work?! xx

  2. Oh thanks so much Samantha, that's very sweet of you! So glad you like your painting, and I do love a good gallery wall arrangement. Hope you had a very happy anniversary too by the way! K xx

  3. Sam, you should ask Kerri to do one specially for you with your black velvet chairs in it :)

  4. I LOVE the ikat one! Go Kerri! I m also loving her new huge watercolours!

  5. Oh these are really beautiful, I love watercolors, she's so to check out her site!


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